My name is James

No, it’s not actually. In order to fully immerse myself in the idea I decided to get a pseudonym, one that would not make people break their tongues and rip hair from their head as my real one would.

I’ve studied the English language over the course of almost my entire education, I sometimes use it at work, the websites I visit are mainly served to the English speaking audience, nearly all of the movies and tv shows I watch are in English. One could even think that my command of the language should be enough after all of that time and effort. The problem is the overwhelming percentage of that time I’ve been only a passive listener, a traveler through the words. I don’t speak much of the language, I don’t write much in the language and I often find myself struggling to find the words and even when I finally find them they are not quite the right ones. Even writing this post gave me quite a headache with all the big words and whatnot.

So I had an idea, a pretty silly one. I already scribble here and there in my native language, and it helped me to somewhat broaden the vocabulary and make me at least a bit more articulate, I hope. So I thought why not try doing the same in English, then I thought I could do more than just scribble, I could write a book. I want it to be a journey.

“I can’t help but feel a great sense of pride… And success. Because, as we discovered, our mission is, and always will be, the journey itself.”

I just really wanted to use this quote from Stargate.

I’ve come up with a various set of tasks i’ll try to perform to better myself alongside my writing, for a start reading a book in English. I’ve never in my life read a book in another language. I just hope I find the time and most importantly I hope I will be able to force myself to do this.


2 thoughts on “My name is James

    • I think the biggest problem for me is the ‘flow’. I often stop mid sentence trying to convey too much information in too little words and it comes out more as rambling than anything. Hopefully with more practice it will come naturally eventually.


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