The Wordslinger

The bemv5bogrknti0mgutyzvmyi00n2zkltkwytctnta5mjzinjlkywvjxkeyxkfqcgdeqxvymtexndq2mti-_v1_sy1000_cr006661000_al_st way to become a better writer to is to write. I did not do that today. As much as I would love to just jump into the loving arms of the English language I do not have the time to do so. But I did two things today that count towards the improvement area. Kind of.

First one, the first one is a tiring thing and I do not know what the effects of it will be besides my hands hurting. I thought, what a wonderful idea it would be to get something more out of all those tv shows I watch. So I did. I started transcribing the audio of the dialogues, before I did my first one I though that this will be easy I can write fairly quickly and there is not that much dialogue anyway. No big deal. Wrong. It turns out there is a lot of dialogue and I couldn’t keep up even if tried my best. So I skimmed picked the best parts and when there was silence I would fill it with descriptions of what is happening. The transcript is a total mess, unreadable. But besides the pain I got something out of it, I learned a few words which may or may not stay in my memory and I listened much more carefully to what was said. The show I transcribed was the last episode of Westworld Season 1, Episode 6. In total I have transcribed 2881 words, probably a little more than half of what was actually said.

The second thing, I started reading a book, a first book in English. Never read one before in another language. I picked a book by Stephen King, I have already read a few of his book translated so I thought it’s the best way to start. The book of my choice was Gunslinger. For the first few pages I doubted my ability to read, but I managed to read 30 pages on my daily commute.

All in all I did not write anything today.


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