Prompted to write

The timphotoe has come. The journey did not start a long time ago, in all honesty it has only just begun. I could read all of the dictionaries in the world, I could know all the words but a story is more than just words and you can’t write a decent story without practice. So today came the day I wrote my first shirt story. Short being the key word here. It’s exactly 450 words long and it took me around 45 minutes to write. Which in all honesty I think is not that bad considering I had to use a dictionary plentiful. I even had too to use it now for the word ‘plentiful’, I remembered the word ‘sparsely’ which was quite the opposite of what I needed so I just searched for that. If you really want to, you can read the story here, it’s a story posted to the Reddit WritingPrompts subreddit which I think might be a good place to get some highly needed critique. Having critique in mind you are VERY welcome to it, if you think anything could be improved, changed just go ahead and do not hold back.

I also read another 40 pages of the Gunslinger today, I remind you this is my first book I am reading in English and I hope every other book is written in this way. I just have to say, the book is to my eyes as whatever is the correct counterpart of ‘music to my ears’. Not gonna lie I do have problems with some of the words, but even that can’t stop me from enjoying the book. It’s great.


3 thoughts on “Prompted to write

  1. If it’s Stephen King’s Gunslinger from the Dark Tower series, you have pick an amazing book! Congratulations on your first short story! It doesn’t matter how long it is, what matters is that you wrote it, then shared it! I’ll give it a look later.

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    • Yes, it’s the one. I’ve read a translation of Carrie earlier this year and it felt kind of stiff(is that the right word?), so I think I might check out the original work before going on to another part of the Dark Tower series. Unless of course I’ll be too tempted to read the rest of the story.


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