The unyielding indolence

I tried my best today, but as it often happens my best was just not good enough. The more I try to learn the more I doubt my ability to read or write. But the practice makes perfect so I persevere, as it is better to write something that is bad than to write nothing at all. So I wrote another WritingPrompt, even shorter than the previous, this one stands at smashing 223 words. It’s a beauty.

Fmv5bmtcyodm0nze1nv5bml5banbnxkftztcwmtc0ndawmq-_v1_or one of my side ‘quests’ I transcribed another episode of a tv show. This time an episode of Babylon 5, 2201 words in total. The dialogs were fairly simple with little to none of the sci-fi jargon. Most importantly they were very clean, both in the quality and the manner of speaking. I can certainly see or rather hear an improvement, which might be just a result of me paying more attention. As to what effect it will have on my writing is yet to be seen.

I also read 20 more pages of the Gunslinger.



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