Prompting continues

In light photoof my efforts to improve my English I learned a new word today, ‘trove’. Hopefully it won’t be forgotten like many of them are. It’s hard to track how many new words I actually learn per day. I may know them today, but give it a week and I will have just a faint memory of ever knowing their meaning. For example today I’ve watched a video about procrastination, the enemy of getting things done. ‘Dissertation’ was the word that kind of stuck in my mind, “what’s that” I thought and as I started typing it into dictionary I suddenly knew its meaning. I just used it so rarely that it took some time to process it.

Today I wrote two more WritingPrompts on reddit, if you really want to read beginners writing you can read them below. Critique is more than welcome.

You wake up on the battlefield of WWI in 1918. Suddenly, you start to realize you can’t die. A soldier on the other side notices too. – 450 words

Three tough-as-nails bikers take a break at a hipster coffee shop. A gang of nerds enter and are about to confront a rivaling group.  – 348 words

I also transcribed dialogues from another episode of Babylon 5 – 2267 words. Unfortunately I did not read today which I hope I can fix tomorrow.




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