I started writing

I found a page, again. I’ve already stumbled upon it some time ago, but I didn’t think much of it. All I saw there was fan fiction and teen fiction, lots of it. Just not my cup of tea. However after time I found some works that caught my attention, hidden deep. I decided it might not be that bad of an idea to try post something of my own there, in the name of practice. The format of the site in a way forces you to write, even better for me. So I started writing. I had much harder time writing this so far than the writing prompts. I once spent about an hour writing two short sentences, deleting them, writing them again, over and over. Still not wattpadhappy with the result. I wrote 2105 words so far, i’m happy with that.

You can read the story here.



For the side tasks. I did not read as much as I wished for, I read very little, only 175 pages of “The Drawing of the Three” since my last entry. The rest of time I was consumed with the writing. I hope however in the upcoming days I’ll have the strength to overcome my laziness and find the time after work.


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