Some of this, some of that

I could start every post the same “I haven’t done much since the last post…”, the same is true with this one. Although I had some free time, I did not use it to the fullest, to be more precise I wasted most of it.

I see ‘some’ flaws in my writing, the depressingly poor vocabulary, odd sentence structure and the flow of it all. That is my biggest concern. Even if the words are simple and the structure doesn’t seem right, I think when there is some rhythm to it, a way when each consecutive sentence fuses with the next one, and it all makes sense, then all of that does not matter. The essence of writing, the story, is another story.

I did some of the usual, read something, write something, transcribe something. I added yet another thing, thesaurus is great, but knowing the word and just seeing it as a synonym is a different thing. So I’ll be trying to extend my vocabulary, numbers, points, they motivate me, so I started using a website that has it both, vocabulary and points,

Progress since last post

I’ve written 773 words for the novella. That’s little too little.

I finished reading “The Drawing of the Three” by Stephen King, not as good as the first part unfortunately, I started reading the third one in the series.

I’ve read “The Call of Cthulhu” by H.P. Lovecraft it was a very short read with multitude of words I had to look up, hopefully one or two will stuck in my head.

I also started reading “The Methamorphosis” by Franz Kafka, it’s an interesting read, altough I feel like it’s just straight up translation and it loses a lot of charm because of it.

Together I’ve read 358 pages, again little too little. It’s a long evening, maybe two of reading.

I’ve done some transcribing, three more episodes of Babylon 5, 7665 words in total.

Also because I like numbers and points, 46 200 points on



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